Privacy Policy for Facebook and Google OAuth

This OAuth login obtains the email and profile ID of the facebook profile using it. This data is not distributed or kept. This app simply verifies you are able to login or are already logged into your facebook profile in order to access an associated account on it's associated services.

Privacy FAQ

What data you are collecting and processing?

By using OAuth to authenticate to our services we obtain your profile ID and default email from your profile.

For what purpose is the OAuth collecting and processing that data?

The profile ID and default email are used to create an account ID on our system that is associated with your profile. This saves users from having to create and remember a new username and password on our systems.

How may requests be made for deletion the personal data?

The profile ID and default email are not saved on our system. This data is only used each time you use OAuth with either Facebook or Google to log you into the same account.